What Discipline Style Works For Your Child: A Quiz

When your chosen career is Early Childhood Education you’re lucky enough to get to meet and know hundreds of children with different personality types. Every child is different, from their actions and responses to what type of guidance and re-direction will be the most effective. As an ECE I’ve learned to be adaptive to every child that comes into my classroom because my method of educating depends greatly on what is best for the child. As a parent, you know already that your child/ren has/have a personality all of their own but sometimes the discipline style that you think will work best doesn’t fit the personality of the child and we find ourselves hitting the internet to find more ways or seek advice from others.

While searching through the internet looking for creative language activities I came across a quiz about discipline style and what type of style works best based on the personality of the child. I’ve added the linkĀ here for anyone interested in some light reading or has a few extra moments in their day.

This quiz can be found on Parents.com and was posted in Parents Magazine.

Oh Sunshiny Days!

Springtime brings with it warm weather, blooming foliage, outdoor fun and time spent with your family and friends. A lot of your time is spent outdoors absorbing the sun, splashing through water and even camping. With all of the fun that can be had during these months you can lose focus on some of the important health and safety issues that can come with warm weather, such as sunburn and dehydration.

Sunburn can occur within 15 minutes of being outdoors. The UV rays of the Sun can penetrate through even the cloudiest of days and cause your child to develop a rosy, flushed face. This pinkish tint is the first sign that your child is developing a sunburn. Sunburn can range from mild symptoms such as a mere tinge of red on the skin and warmth to the touch, to more severe symptoms* such as blisters, fatigue, nausea and extreme discomfort. Be aware that sunburn can also cause dehydration.

To protect your child from sunburn, the CDC recommends that children wear sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or higher. Sunscreen should be re-applied through-out the day. Children are encouraged to wear hats to protect the [...]

Coping With Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety – not to be confused with Separation Anxiety Disorder which is characterized by a fear of losing loved ones or being forever separated from loved ones – is common amongst children ages 8 months through 3 years.

Normal separation anxiety shows itself as being upset when left at daycare or with a caregiver as well as being in unknown locations or meeting new people. This can range from crying to full blown temper tantrums and can be a very troublesome experience for parents.

Luckily, there are ways to cope with Separation Anxiety to make the process easier on children.

-Reassure your child that they will be okay, and you will be returning soon.
-Develop a “goodbye” routine and do your best to stay with your routine.
-Do not give in. Children are very perceptive.
-If your child is being left with someone new for the first time, leave them only for a brief time.
-As a parent, keep calm during the separation.

Remember that separation anxiety normally disappears around the age of 3, and is just another stop on the adventure of parenting.

For more ideas on how best to cope with

The Amazing Adventure of Potty Training

Ahead of you is an amazing journey. A journey that is filled with accidents, loads of dirty laundry and the overwhelming joy you experience when your child finally accomplishes one of the biggest feats in early childhood…potty training.

Each parent has a different experience with potty-training, and each child has a different mindset about potty training. Some have an easy time, while others can struggle. Trying to potty-train a child who is not ready can be a very difficult task and stressful on both the parent and the child.

How To Know If My Child Might Be Ready
-Children close to the age of 2, or older.
-Knows when they are “dirty” and need changed.
-Shows interest in the toilet.
-Can pull their clothing up/down.

Tips on Potty-Training
-Let your child flush the potty, not only are you educating your child to flush after use, but it is a fun reward while learning.
-Take your child to the potty after meals and drinks (most children have a potty routine, try to potty train them during their routine)
-Plenty of praise when they do accomplish the act of using the toilet.
-Do not punish or scold [...]

Top Ten Childcare Questions Answered!

Enrolling your child into daycare can be a difficult, especially when doing tours of local centers and trying to find a location that fits the needs of you and your family. Many parents find themselves researching important questions that they should ask a potential provider. There are plenty of websites that can give a potential parent a perfect questionnaire of what to ask a provider, but once inside and during the tour it is easy to forget all the questions that you had planned to ask. We have taken the time to answer the Top Ten Questions that parents should ask about a childcare center before enrolling their children.

What is your discipline policy?
Pecan Ranch Early Learning Center provides a copy of our discipline policy in our Admission packets for parents to read. Here at Pecan Ranch we do not condone negative reinforcement of any kind. Our goal is to remove children from the current situation and give them a quiet place with a quiet activity until they are ready to re-join the class. We understand that as children, they have only so many ways of coping with situations in the classroom and are not capable of [...]