The Importance Of Play

It is well-known that play is vital to a child’s early development, many times we watch our children interacting in their favorite center or playing with their favorite toy; it’s cute and creative and they are using their imagination. Yet, what exactly is play teaching a child?

Playing is an easy way to help a child increase their attention span. While playing, children are focused on the activity of their choosing for a long period of time and not an activity that they may not be interested in. The amount of time a child is capable of focusing on a project, activity or lesson is important for when they begin Kindergarten and must be able to give their attention to a lesson plan. Playtime strengthens their focus.

Children develop social skills during their playtime. Children with well-developed social skills are able to easily adjust to situations and circumstances as they get older as well as control their emotions and reactions better. They are also at less of a risk for behavioral issues or poor academic performance.

Playtime for younger children gives them the ability to practice cause and effect, to master physical accomplishments, to ask questions and solve problems [...]

A Snow Day for Pecan Ranch

It came as a surprise. A blizzard, INSIDE? What could we do!? There was nothing that could be done! The snow came in and it couldn’t be stopped! How would we ever clean this up!? Yet the children of Pecan Ranch had other ideas for such a strange snowy day….

We filled up our buckets and we shared with our friends. We threw snowballs with laughter, barely missing our chins.

“What are you doing?” we asked, “Playing with Christmas Snow” came the reply from little faces grinning with glee, such as amazing sight to see.

Then the teachers joined in so the fun could begin.

There were snow angels to be made, plenty of fun while we played.

It was a [...]

Martin Luther King, Jr & Our Studies



This week we felt it was very important for us to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King and his dream. We began our lesson by reading “My Friend Martin”, a story about MLK.  We also listened to “A Symphony of Brotherhood” by Miri Ben Ari. 

We discussed how each made us feel and why we felt each piece of media was important.  We concluded the week by creating Dream Silhouettes.  We chose to honor MLK’s memory by proving it is what’s on the inside, not the outside that makes us special.

The poems that each child wrote proved how similar, yet how different each child truly is.  For the actual silhouettes, we provided the class with an array of multi-cultural paints.  When we asked the children, what color they wished to paint their project, the majority felt they identified with all the different colors, thus creating uniquely similar silhouettes.  Once again proving that color doesn’t matter, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


Counting In Chinese

Our Preschool 2 Classroom, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, has been learning to count to ten in Mandarin. We would like to thank Ms. Nadja and Ms. Kim for their work and dedication in helping the children of PRLC develop their language and math skills!

Click This Link for Audio: Counting Practice