coffee filter

Coffee Filter Butterlies

In the morning, for most people, the first thought that will cross your mind is coffee. So we wake up, shake the sleep away and mosey our ways into the kitchen to find a coffee filter to begin making our much needed caffeinated brew. We don’t often think how fun they could be for the kiddos.

Butterfly Coffee Filters:

-Coffee Filter
-Markers or Bingo Dotters
-Spray Bottle

1. Follow Steps One-Four of the Coffee Filter Sun catcher
2. Lay coffee filter flat, and wedge into the opening of the clothespin.








3. Using both hands, slide and bunch the colored coffee filter into the clothespin.








4. Your Tie-Dye  Butterfly is complete!










Coffee Filter Sun Catchers

With coffee filters so readily available at all times of the day, it’s no wonder that people with young children have discovered many other alternative ways to use them. This activity require little planning for those rainy days when the children are screaming, “I’m bored!”

Coffee Filter Sun catchers:
-Coffee Filter
-Markers, Bingo Dot Markers
-Spray Bottle

1. Fold Coffee Filters in triangles.






2. Allow children to use bingo dot markers, or regular markers to make designs on their coffee filter triangle.








3. Using the spray bottle, spray the coffee filter with water until the color begins to bleed into each other.








4. Open the triangle and allow to dry.