The amazing age of understanding!  Now that those letters in the books are starting to make sense, the children exploring their world through words!   The children discover as their imaginations reach new levels.  Exploring nature and how things work, eventually flows into artistically finding new purposes for everyday items.  Using proven effective Big Day curriculum, the teachers ensure that each child meets academic goals according to the Texas State Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines, individualizing a learning path focusing on their own individual strengths.

Calendar of Events

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Big Day Curriculum

Big Day for PreK is organized into eight engaging and child-friendly themes. As the year progresses, the themes in this early-learning program broaden, and children begin to understand more about the world around them. The flexible content allows prekindergarten teachers to incorporate their own favorite themes into the classroom.


Fun art projects help students build their skills and technique. 


Children continue to take weekly music class and use instruments. 


We practice cursive letters and words.


Hands-on science projects and experiments help children understand science and nature.