When your chosen career is Early Childhood Education you’re lucky enough to get to meet and know hundreds of children with different personality types. Every child is different, from their actions and responses to what type of guidance and re-direction will be the most effective. As an ECE I’ve learned to be adaptive to every child that comes into my classroom because my method of educating depends greatly on what is best for the child. As a parent, you know already that your child/ren has/have a personality all of their own but sometimes the discipline style that you think will work best doesn’t fit the personality of the child and we find ourselves hitting the internet to find more ways or seek advice from others.

While searching through the internet looking for creative language activities I came across a quiz about discipline style and what type of style works best based on the personality of the child. I’ve added the linkĀ here for anyone interested in some light reading or has a few extra moments in their day.

This quiz can be found on Parents.com and was posted in Parents Magazine.