In our youngest classroom (ages 6 weeks through 12 months) our focus is on building a deep sense of trust through care routines individualized to meet the child’s needs.  Personal interactions between teachers and infants lay the foundation for how infants come to view the world and their place within it.  The role of the teacher is to provide warm, responsive care-giving that helps the infant understand that their needs and emotions are valid and respected by others.  Age appropriate individual and group activities are carefully crafted to provide sensory, physical, and cognitive stimulation.

Calendar of Events

calendarStay up-to-date with what’s happening in our infant room.


Frog Street Curriculum

Designed around the latest scientific early brain development research, Frog Street Infant is designed to build strong foundations for little ones ages 0-18 months.

Divided Room

Our room setup allows plenty of tummy time and crawling room for your infant.

Sign Language

We focus on early communication signs to engage your infant. 


We use classical music to help stimulate your baby’s brain development.

Nursing Area

We accept breast milk and provide private nursing rooms.

Private Beds

Our personalized beds and storage areas are fit for your baby’s personal items. 

Communication Boards

We document your baby’s daily care and achievements daily.

Experienced Caregivers

Our infant teachers have specialized training to provide the best care.