The after school program is designed to assist our local GISD school-age children and parents by having designated homework, tutoring and reading . Along with homework time is a well-deserved down time to have hands on experiments, art projects, computer lab and gaming centers. Natural shade play area allows the children to have the opportunity to run and play as well as joining the PRLC Garden Club. Our school-age children also take great pride in our annual donation projects to help with our community.

Calendar of Events

calendarStay up-to-date with what’s happening in our schoolers room.


Snack Time

We provide nutritional afternoon snacks to stimulate children’s brain activity and metabolism.

Summer Activities

We don’t let summer be boring. We offer plenty of field trips and activities like movies, bowling, skating, water fun, and drama classes.

Homework Helpers

Certified homework helpers assist children with homework and build learning skills.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

From Wii and indoor table games to outdoor sports like basketball and soccer, we keep kids active and in a team mindset.

Science Time

The more right-brained kids can explore science with hands-on learning and fun experiments.

Arts & Crafts

Creative kids can work with a variety of mediums to create visual and fun art pieces.