Ahead of you is an amazing journey. A journey that is filled with accidents, loads of dirty laundry and the overwhelming joy you experience when your child finally accomplishes one of the biggest feats in early childhood…potty training.

Each parent has a different experience with potty-training, and each child has a different mindset about potty training. Some have an easy time, while others can struggle. Trying to potty-train a child who is not ready can be a very difficult task and stressful on both the parent and the child.

How To Know If My Child Might Be Ready
-Children close to the age of 2, or older.
-Knows when they are “dirty” and need changed.
-Shows interest in the toilet.
-Can pull their clothing up/down.

Tips on Potty-Training
-Let your child flush the potty, not only are you educating your child to flush after use, but it is a fun reward while learning.
-Take your child to the potty after meals and drinks (most children have a potty routine, try to potty train them during their routine)
-Plenty of praise when they do accomplish the act of using the toilet.
-Do not punish or scold your child for having an accident, this can cause the child to be embarrassed and regress.
-Introduce underwear that your child likes, with the explanation that they are “big kid” underwear and you can’t use the potty in them. (children will still have accidents, but some children have shown to take great care and potty train quicker under the idea they are a “big kid” now)

Potty training time lengths vary greatly from child to child, and there is no set time frame for potty training. If potty training involves endless struggles, tears, temper tantrums and frustrations your child may not be ready yet, and you should try again in a few weeks.

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