Enrolling your child into daycare can be a difficult, especially when doing tours of local centers and trying to find a location that fits the needs of you and your family. Many parents find themselves researching important questions that they should ask a potential provider. There are plenty of websites that can give a potential parent a perfect questionnaire of what to ask a provider, but once inside and during the tour it is easy to forget all the questions that you had planned to ask. We have taken the time to answer the Top Ten Questions that parents should ask about a childcare center before enrolling their children.

What is your discipline policy?
Pecan Ranch Early Learning Center provides a copy of our discipline policy in our Admission packets for parents to read. Here at Pecan Ranch we do not condone negative reinforcement of any kind. Our goal is to remove children from the current situation and give them a quiet place with a quiet activity until they are ready to re-join the class. We understand that as children, they have only so many ways of coping with situations in the classroom and are not capable of always controlling their reactions and emotions. We work with children to calm them down and help them develop the strategies and skills needed to progress into well-rounded children

What are your safety/ security policies?
Our building has a security coded entrance. Only parents and employees have the ability to enter our facility, tours and family members must use the intercom system to communicate with the Front Office before being allowed inside the facility. All outside doors lock from the outside preventing someone from entering the facility through a different route. Pecan Ranch checks Identification, and makes copies of ID’s as an added security for our students, teachers, and families. Our teachers participate in a monthly intruder drill to ensure they know what to do in the event of an intruder.

Can I observe/visit my child?
We have an open door policy. This allows parents to stop by the facility at any given time to view their child. Pecan Ranch does ask that parents do not enter the classroom for extended periods of time due to the safety and health of the other children inside the classroom. Parents can also call at any time and be transferred to their child’s teacher to check on their child.

Is there a charge for late-pickups?
There is a late pick-up fee of $1.00 per minute after 6:30pm. We do request that parents call and let the closing staff know that they will be late so that we can plan accordingly for a late pick-up.

What types of meals/snacks do you serve?
Our facility utilizes a food program that is government funded. This means that our menu’s and the amount of food served are regulated by the CCAFP to ensure that we are serving proper healthy amounts of food and milk as well as regulating the types of food served to guarantee a well-balanced diet. Our menu’s change monthly, and you may find a copy of our menu’s in our blog in the Uncategorized section.

What is your policy regarding sick children?
Unfortunately, Pecan Ranch does not offer sick child care. Children that have a fever of 100.3 or higher will be excluded from care, and unable to return for a 24 hour period of being fever-free without the use of Tylenol or other fever reducing medications. Children that have vomiting episodes or loose bowel movements more than 3 times through-out the day will be sent home, and require a doctor’s note, or a 24 hour period of time where they did not exhibit these symptoms before being able to return to our care. Our sick policy helps reduce the amount of bacteria and viruses to ensure that children in our care stay health.

What if my child takes a vacation or is out sick for an extended period of time?
After a year of care, families are eligible for a week of vacation through Pecan Ranch in which they receive a credit for that week of childcare. If a family has not achieved a year of enrollment and needs to take a week of vacation, they will still be charged their regular tuition rate. Children that become ill and miss the entire week of school can receive reduced tuition with a doctor’s note stating they were unable to attend childcare due to an illness, or other medical reason.

How are parents notified of accidents or illnesses?
Pecan Ranch has accident and incident reports. These reports are filled out and given to the parents to sign upon pick-up. If a child is ill, a staff member will immediately call the family and let them know of the child’s condition. Accidents that involve head wounds, prolonged or excessive bleeding, or other dangerous conditions beyond the typical bumps and bruises of active children require that Pecan Ranch notify parents immediately of the incident with full explanation of how, where and when the accident took place as well as an accident report.

What is your curriculum?
Our facility uses the Funshine Express curriculum, blended with the Reggio-Emilia style of teaching. The Reggio-Emilia approach is a method of teaching that allows children to explore, learn and grow through self-discovery, this method of teaching along with the Funshine Curriculum helps our children achieve wholeness in their education that not only focuses on the academics but also their self-growth and self-awareness. For more information on our curriculum please feel free to contact us at (972) 240- 0745.

What is a typical day like for the children enrolled?
Typical days for each classroom can vary due to ages, and the atmosphere of the classroom through-out the day. Each classroom has a schedule that includes time for socialization, education, small group play, and large group play with planned activities that focus on specific areas of growth and development. Being a Reggio-Emilia inspired school, some activities may run longer and other activities may not last as long as originally planned due to child interest. We believe children learn best when they are enjoying the activity before them and not forced to participate. Each classroom does have scheduled meal times and naptimes, and children tend to catch on to the schedule quickly.