This week we felt it was very important for us to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King and his dream. We began our lesson by reading “My Friend Martin”, a story about MLK.  We also listened to “A Symphony of Brotherhood” by Miri Ben Ari. 

We discussed how each made us feel and why we felt each piece of media was important.  We concluded the week by creating Dream Silhouettes.  We chose to honor MLK’s memory by proving it is what’s on the inside, not the outside that makes us special.

The poems that each child wrote proved how similar, yet how different each child truly is.  For the actual silhouettes, we provided the class with an array of multi-cultural paints.  When we asked the children, what color they wished to paint their project, the majority felt they identified with all the different colors, thus creating uniquely similar silhouettes.  Once again proving that color doesn’t matter, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.