Code of Conduct

Relationship to the Administration and Staff

The parents of children enrolled at PRLC play an essential role in the success of the program. Not only are parents necessary partners in educating their children, they support the school through volunteer activities, educational activities and social events.

When parents choose to enroll their child at PRLC, they agree to subscribe to its mission, follow its rules and abide by its decisions. Importantly, parents and school personnel must be guided by an ethic of mutual respect. Parents should remain informed about their child’s development and about important events in the life of the school.

PRLC requires the parents of enrolled children to behave at all times in a manner consistent with decency, courtesy and respect.  One of the goals of PRLC is to provide an appropriate environment in which a child can grow, learn, and develop. Achieving this ideal environment is not only the responsibility of the employees of the school but also of each and every parent or adult who enters the Center. Parents are required to behave in a manner that fosters this ideal environment.

Parents who violate the Parent Code of Conduct will not be permitted on school property thereafter. At no time should a parent discuss center business, staffing concerns or policy concerns openly in front of the children or with employees of the school.


No parent or adult is permitted to curse or use other inappropriate language on school property at any time, whether in the presence of a child or not. Such language is considered offensive by many people and will not be tolerated. If a parent or adult feels frustrated or angry, it is more appropriate to verbally express the frustration or anger using non-offensive language. At NO time shall inappropriate language be directed toward members of the staff.

Threatening of Employees, Children, Other Parents

Threats of any kind will not be tolerated. All threats will be taken seriously and reported to the appropriate authorities for prosecution. PARENTS MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR AND IN CONTROL OF THEIR BEHAVIOR AT ALL TIMES.

Physical/Verbal Punishment of Your Child or other Children at the Center

While our school does not necessarily support nor condone corporal punishment of children, such acts are not permitted in the facility or parking lot. While verbal reprimands may be appropriate, it is not appropriate for parents to verbally abuse their child. Doing so may cause undue embarrassment or emotional distress. Parents are always welcome to discuss a behavior issue with the teacher and to seek advice and guidance regarding appropriate and effective disciplinary procedures.

Parents are prohibited from addressing, for the purpose of correction or discipline, a child that is not their own or physically punish another parent’s child. If a parent should witness another parent’s child behaving in an inappropriate manner, or is concerned about behavior reported to them by their own child, it is appropriate for the parent to direct their concern to the classroom teacher and/or the director.

It is inappropriate for one parent to seek out another parent to discuss their child’s inappropriate behavior. Behavior concerns should be brought to the classroom teacher or director’s attention. At that point, the teacher and/or Director will address the issue with the other parent. Although you may be curious as to the outcome of such a discussion, teachers and/or the Director are strictly prohibited from discussing anything about another child with you. All children enrolled in our school have privacy rights. You may be assured that we will not discuss anything about your child with another parent or adult visiting the center.


For the health of all PRLC employees, children and others, smoking is prohibited anywhere on school property. Parents are prohibited from smoking in the building, on the grounds and in the parking lot of the school. Parents who are smoking in their cars must dispose of the cigarette before entering the parking lot.

Violations of the Safety Policy

Parents are required to follow safety procedures at all times. These procedures are designed to protect the welfare and best interest of the employees, children and others at PRLC. Please be particularly mindful of entrance procedures. We all like to be polite; however, we need to be careful to not allow unauthorized individuals into the school.

Parking Lot Procedures,

Please never park in the fire lane or to the left under the cover. This is a pull thru only lane. Parking to the right nearest the front door is a 5 minute maximum.

Confrontational Interactions at the School

While it is understood that parents will not always agree with the employees of the school or the parents of the other children, it is expected that all disagreements be handled in a calm and respectful manner. Confrontational interactions are not appropriate means by which to communicate a point and are strictly prohibited.


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