Preschool 2

The wonderful age of ‘Me’!  The role of the teachers is not to just simply answer, but to encourage the children to find the own answers through exploration and research.  Beka academics curriculum is introduced along with the project approach combing the best of school readiness preparation with child centered learning. Our focus is the same as the children’s; the world around them and finding the answers to all those questions running through their minds.  Together, the teacher and child will learn together that asking questions is an amazing part of learning! They will also learn how and when to ask questions and most importantly, how and where to get the answers…lots and lots of exploration and research.

Calendar of Events

calendarStay up-to-date with what’s happening in our Preschool 2 room.


Fun Shines Express

Children begin to learn colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet.


We extend communication skills through bilingual learning.


Children are introduced to various instruments and musical styles.


Our in-house library time focuses on language, visual stimulation, and individual learning.


Children have hands-on experiences and projects around science and nature.


We introduce basic art techniques and creative time. 

Health & Fitness

We start introducing children to exercise and knowledge of muscles and bones.


We introduce handwriting and develop children’s basic technique.