Infant to Toddler

The time between infancy and robust toddlerhood is an important developmental period filled with active exploration of the world.  This classroom (ages 9 months through 18 months) focuses on building gross (large) motor skills such as walking, balancing, and climbing while simultaneously developing pro-social skills such as learning to interact with peers in a gentle, respectful manner.  This special time in a child’s life is a stage where children begin to build a sense of autonomy (desire to do things for one’s self) and to recognize that their thoughts and feelings are separate from those of others.  The role of the teacher in this room is to encourage exploration and self-initiation of play while guiding children to construct healthy interactions with their peers.  Activities in the Transition Room are designed to stimulate the child’s need to touch, move, investigate, and explore boundaries safely.

Calendar of Events

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Sign Language

Early sign language helps your child develop communication skills.


We focus on singing and dancing to improve listening and coordination.

Sensory Play

Our padded play area stimulates visual recognition, mobility and strength. 

Walking Skills

Our “Let’s Walk” program helps children develop their walking skills.


We introduce color recognition to enhance visual stimulation.

Gardening Center

We offer outdoor exploration and help students plant and care for a garden.

Food & Drink

We introduce table food and sippy cups with a customized menu.