Over the past several weeks Pecan Ranch has been accepting donations to take to Life Message, a volunteer program that helps provide needy families with food and clothing. We exceeded our own expectations with the amount of donations that we received from the children and the families of Pecan Ranch. Thank you for your generous donations and helping bring a smile to the face of people in need.

Today our school-age students volunteered some of their time to help deliver the donations.

Our students were very helpful in unloading the donations and bringing them into the facility. Inside they were able to walk around and see how the food supplies were stocked, clothing sorted and how the volunteers of Life Message were donating their time to ensure that those in need would have somewhere to go and receive food and clothing during the winter.


“I learned how the food goes to the people who don’t have money. So it’s free, so they don’t go to sleep without food.” -Michael M.


“Giving is a wonderful , helpful and responsible thing to do.” -Taylin T.