More and more people have been diagnosed with the flu in the past few weeks, nationally and statewide. Within the upcoming weeks, the United States expects many more children, adults and elderly citizens to be diagnosed with influenza. Here at Pecan Ranch, we want our children to be safe and healthy and our parents to be informed on this seasonal virus.

What Is The Flu
Influenza is a respiratory infection involving the nose, throat and lungs. People who are exposed to the flu can take up to five days before showing any symptoms, and can be contagious for 5 to 7 days after beginning to show signs of having the flu. The average person may experience flu symptoms for one to two weeks, or longer depending on their health. The only way to know if you have the flu is testing through a health-care provider.

Symptoms to Look For
Many people believe that fever is the first sign of an illness, but that is not the case with the flu. A person can be fever-free while having the flu. Other signs and symptoms of the flu include:
-Sore Throat
-Runny/Stuffy Nose
-Head and Muscle Aches
-Lethargic or Tiredness

In children, you may also see nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

How to Keep from Spreading the Flu
It is believed that the flu is spreading through tiny droplets made when coughing, sneezing or even talking. Whenever you sneeze or cough, you should “Catch Your Cough” in a tissue, dispose of the tissue and wash your hands. If you do not have a tissue handy, it would be best to cough or sneeze into your sleeves/elbow instead of directly into your hand. You should wash your hands often during the flu season, and use hand sanitizer frequently.

If you or your child show any of the listed symptoms please contact your health-care provider as soon as possible, with a positive result of influenza you may be prescribed a medication called TamaFlu. Tamaflu is very effective when administered as soon as the flu is diagnosed.

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